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This unique and elegant perfume for woman is inspired by the nature of Mallorca, between orange trees and orange blossom flowers. Created by the perfumer Mónica Iranzo, this exclusive perfume transports us to the authentic Mediterranean style.

Its clear, transparent bottle is decorated with a handmade cap made of "llata teixida", hand-woven on the island by the craftswomen of Antic Mallorca.

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"The freshest and softest summer perfume smells of flowers and citrus, it is made in Mallorca and will make you believe that you are on vacation on the beaches of the beautiful island!


"I love this eau de parfum from Antic Mallorca. It is amazing"

inés aguilar @casitadewendy

"Sublime. I was surprised that after a few hours it became an even more elegant essence"


(During confinement) "When I want to go out to the country or to the beach from home, I put on the Antic Mallorca perfume and immediately I smell of citrus, lemons, nature"


“It smells like having a good time and summer. Thank you very much for this!"


“A walk between orange blossom fields and naughty oranges.

A scented tour, slow @anticmallorca"


"I love your fragrance Antic Mallorca, it makes me feel very good, fresh and different. I had been looking for a perfume or cologne that would suit me for a long time and it was through some essential oils that I found a composition of flowers that I loved. I went to a small perfumery in Barcelona, Les Topettes, (in the Raval) and that's how I discovered your fragrance. I am in love with it! I love it so much! It makes me feel very good about myself 🥰

Thank you very much".

Imma lopez @elartedelaspequenascosas

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