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Little by little, and thanks to Ses Madones, Antic Mallorca has become a women's, community project, in which we learn, we help each other and we intend to contribute from our small place to change society.

Hello, I'm Araceli, thank you for being here.


The story of Antic Mallorca begins in 2009 after discovering the craftsmanship of palm hearts in Capdepera and meeting their great master craftswomen, Ses Madones de sa Llata.


I started Antic Mallorca as a personal project that awakened my creative freedom and my connection with nature, the environment and of course, with Ses Madones. Little by little, and thanks to them, it has become a women's, community project, in which we learn, we help each other and we intend to contribute from our small place to change society.


"Ses Madones de sa Llata ​​de Capdepera" are a group of artisans who learned the craft of "llata" from their mothers and grandmothers, that developed it in their youth, left it with the tourist boom of the island and, luckily for all of us, they took it up again after retirement and have kept it alive to nowadays.

They are the artisans who make our bags, our teachers and our source of inspiration to change our perspective and to understand the value of returning to the origin to build a more sustainable present.


In 2014, the artisan and extraordinary Antonella Farris joined us. We started to learn this craft together with Ses Madones in order to be able to transmit this traditional knowledge to new generations, so this craft can continue alive in Mallorca. We start the School of the art of Ses Madones de sa Llata in 2018 and since then we make llata courses almost every month of the year.

Antonella is the teacher of these courses and also the artisan that makes lot of the beautiful Antic Mallorca bags. She is part of the team of La escuela artesana.


Continuing with the idea of ​​enhancing the talent of women and taking advantage of the resources we have nearby, I proposed to my talented sister Mónica Iranzo, a creative perfumer, to create a perfume that would transmit the essence of Antic Mallorca, connected to the place where we are, in the heart of the Mallorcan countryside, surrounded by orange trees. Mónica accepted the challenge and created a delicious perfume that we launched in 2019 and that we have not stopped wearing since then. It scent fills us with life, joy and the desire to enjoy being who we are.


In 2020 in one of our llata courses we met a wonderful person, Katja Knudsen Joy, who was also an excellent bespoke leather goods designer and maker. One of our clients at the time wanted to add leather details to the palm bags we made for them. We decided to explore that adventure working together with our dear Katja and the result was amazing. In 2024 we have made a new line of beautiful leather pouches designed and made by Katja for Antic Mallorca with circular, sustainable and best quality leathers. As we do with the palm bags, these pouches are made from a single material, just leather, handcrafted in Mallorca.


For me Antic Mallorca is a vital journey with which I can create timeless craft objects, learn, have fun, be with incredible people who inspire me and in which I can be who I am and make my small contribution to my environment.

I would love that the things we create and how we do them, inspire you to surround yourself with beautiful things that have a meaning for you, are good for the world and make you feel good. 

Ses madones de sa llata
The School of the Art of 
Ses Madones de sa Llata

This school is a tribute to Ses Madones de sa Llata, for us the best artisans of Mallorca, who have taught us this craft, their art and above all, they have taught us how to live life.

With this school we want to contribute to maintain this craft in Mallorca, to have new generations of artisans on the island and to transmit values to society that help us to have a more natural, less virtual and more real life, in which we can be more connected with ourselves and our environment.


We have initiation courses to the "llata" according to the art and tradition of Ses Madones de sa Llata ​​de Capdepera.

The objective of these courses is to introduce students to this traditional Mallorcan craft, helping to spread it and keep it alive.

You will learn the different steps of the llata process, the basic technique to be able to develop your own piece and also the value of working in a group, in a circle, without haste, connecting with yourself and the group through this craft.

You can find all the information about next courses and make your reservation in La escuela artesana.

If you want to ask anything, please write to

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