The bags of Antic Mallorca have their origen in the true culture of Mallorca, one which has conserved its environment, tradition and calmness.

The artisan handcraft of the palms tells a story about the culture and customs of the inhabitants of the island. With Antic Mallorca we rejuvenate this treasure and make it contemporary. We contribute to preserve the true artisan craftwork of the palm of Ses Madones de sa Llata trough our designs and also trough our school of "llata", transmitting this knowledge to new artisans.

All our bags and accesories are made from palm leaves collected and dried by hand in Mallorca. They are then hand braided by Ses Madones de sa Llata, who are a group of artisan women from the island. They learnt the technique of this craftwork as children and picked it up again after retirement (luckily for all of us to keep the tradition awake). With a lot of care and without any hurry the bags are then embroidered by hand with cotton ribbons, during the sunny afternoons by the Pla de Mallorca. Possibly that’s why they have some flaws and some virtues that make them so unique.


The use of natural products, the creation by hand and the care to make the bags durable are aspects that share the same importance as the design itself, which aims for beauty through simplicity.​

These bags take us back to the essential.

Look, read, breath and above all, do not hurry. 

Ses madones de sa llata
The School of the Art of 
Ses Madones de sa Llata

This school is a tribute to Ses Madones de sa Llata, for us the best artisans of Mallorca, who have taught us this craft, their art and above all, they have taught us how to live life.

With this school we want to contribute to maintain this craft in Mallorca, to have new generations of artisans on the island and to transmit values to society that help us to have a more natural, less virtual and more real life, in which we can be more connected with ourselves and our environment.


The last week of October begin the initiation courses to the "llata" according to the art and tradition of Ses Madones de sa Llata ​​de Capdepera.

The objective of these courses is to introduce students to this traditional Mallorcan craft, helping to spread it and keep it alive.

The course will be taught by Maria Adrover, Antonella Farris and Araceli Iranzo, disciples of Ses Madones de sa Llata.

In this course you will learn the different steps of the llata process, the basic technique to be able to develop your own piece and also the value of working in a group, in a circle, without haste, connecting with yourself and the group through this craft.

Each course consists of 12 hours, divided into 8 classes of 1.5 hours a week. It can be held in Binissalem on Fridays or in Llubí on Wednesdays.



Start: October 30
Hours: Friday, 9:30 a.m.-11 a.m.
Duration: 12 hours
Location: Fundació Sa Llavor, C / Metge Borràs, 3, Binissalem
Price: € 115 for the entire course (includes material)

Crafters: Antonella Farris and Araceli Iranzo


Start: October 28
Hours: Wednesday, 10:00 a.m.-11:30 a.m.
Duration: 12 hours
Location: Ca ses Montges, Carrer Rector Tomàs, 6, Llubí
Price: € 115 for the entire course (includes material)
Crafters: Maria Adrover and Araceli Iranzo

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